More than an ambulance service

St John Ambulance is a public institution providing ambulance and prehospital care services

St John Health is a humanitarian and health care royal charter organisation that specialises in ambulance, prehospital and emergency health care.  St John PNG is a statutory incorporation that has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 1957.

St John is established by the St John Council Incorporation Act of 1976

St John is responsible for ground and air ambulance services in Papua New Guinea.

St John’s income is from donations, our commercial services and government.

Every kina we make is invested back into maintaining and improving the services we provide Papua New Guineans.

St John promotes and builds a strong, resilient and healthy Papua New Guinea community by providing:

  • Ambulance Services
    • Emergency
    • Community
    • Retrieval
    • Air
  • Events
    • First aid
    • Medical
    • Ambulance
  • Training
    • First aid
    • Medical emergency
    • Safety
  • Supplies
    • First aid kits
    • Defibrillators
    • Medical supplies

We have strong links with all major public hospitals and leading private hospitals.

Our agreements with private hospitals allow us to offer our patients more options and ensures continuity of care.

We are governed by the National St John Council (Board of Directors) of which all members are appointed by the Governor General of Papua New Guinea in accordance with the Act.

The Chairman of the National Council is Madam Jean L Kekedo, CSM OBE, OStJ.

The Chief Executive is Matthew Cannon OStJ.


St John International

St John international is a royal charter health and humanitarian organisation that has been on the frontline, serving humanity all over the world for over 900 years. Around the world, St John specialises in:

  • Prehospital Health Care
    • Public
      • Ambulance
      • Aeromedical & Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
      • Rescue
      • Disaster response
    • Private
      • Events
      • Industrial
      • Special Operations
  • Medical
    • Primary care
    • Urgent care / Medical centres
    • Ophthalmology
  • First Aid
    • Books
    • Training
    • Programs
    • Events
  • Community health programs
    • Child
    • Maternal
    • Basic health education
    • Disaster preparation