More than an ambulance service

St John Ambulance is a public institution providing ambulance and prehospital care services

Let us tell you a bit about St John and why we care so much about the services we provide to Papua New Guineans and visitors to our county.

St John is responsible for ground and air ambulance services in Papua New Guinea.

St John’s income is from donations, our commercial services and government.

We are a not-for-profit public institution established by the St John Council Incorporation Act. Every kina we make is invested back into maintaining and improving the services we provide Papua New Guineans.

St John promotes and builds a strong, resilient and healthy Papua New Guinea community by providing:

  • ground & air ambulance services
  • aero-medical retrieval & international repatriation
  • First aid and medical services at events
  • community (Komuniti) health education programs
  • Commercial first aid, health and safety training
  • emergency medical courses
  • first aid kits and medical supplies

We have strong linkages with all major public hospitals and leading private hospitals. Our agreements with private hospitals allow us to offer our patients more options and ensures continuity of care.

St John operates in accordance with the St John Council Incorporation Act of 1976. St John was established in Papua New Guinea, June 1964.

We are governed by the National St John Council (Board of Directors) of which all members are appointed by the Governor General of Papua New Guinea in accordance with the Act.

The Chairman of the National Council is Madam Jean L Kekedo, CSM OBE, OStJ. The Chief Executive of St John is Matthew Cannon OStJ.


Leading Ambulance in Papua New Guinea

In 2018, the Minister for Health assigned St John with the responsibility of establishing and coordinating the Nationalisation of Ambulance Services in accordance with the National Ambulance Master Plan. The National Ambulance Service is networking all ambulances across the country to be coordinated by the 111-emergency coordination centre in Port Morebsy.

What makes us unique?

What makes St John unique and so effective, is that we combine professional ambulance services with giving training members of the community in first aid so they can sustain a life in the time before an ambulance arrives. We call this integrated prehospital care. It’s proven time and time again to save lives, wherever St John – and its associations – are present in the 122 countries around the world and in our 200+ years of modern history.

Integrating first aid and professional ambulance services allows us to empower communities, give people urgent access to health care, and makes sure first aid and professional paramedics care is focused on improving the patient’s chance of survival and recovery.

Not only that, this integrated prehospital care makes survival for our must vulnerable patients better. People trained in emergency childbirth first aid, and communities with access to professional ambulance services will dramatically improve survival for a woman in labour.

And now comes the best part, in terms of population health statistics, introduction of professional ambulance services can help reduce maternal deaths by as much as 50 per cent.

Emergency medical professionals trained in child birth save lives on the way to hospital and make community delivery safer. When time allows, ambulance transport make it more likely women can deliver in a health facility.