24 hours a day, seven days a week, when you need us most.

Ambulance Subscription Membership

Ensuring we are always only one call away.

St John’s membership packages give you the assurance a professional ambulance service has your back. We have packages available for individuals, families and corporates.

What is the benefit of being a member?

Many people choose to buy St John Membership because it assures them that a caring professional will be there if when they get sick or injured.

And others choose our membership because they can access discounts on a vibrant range of St John’s leading first aid training and kits and at all Brian Bell Home Centres.

Why do I need ambulance membership?

Because, it is the only way you can be assured that our professional team of Green Angels can come to your aid quickly, wherever you need them.

And one of the great parts it that your membership helps more than just you.

Funds raised from membership help us continue to serve one-million NCD residents with affordable life-saving ambulance services 24-hours, every day.

And there are a few freebies

  • St John Membership card and keyring
  • An “I’m protected by St Joh” bumper sticker for your car
  • Free online first aid awareness course
  • 10% discount at Brian Bell Home Centres

Worksite benefits

  • Making sure your workplace is compliant with globally accepted standards. We arrange a full worksite first aid inspection tailored to your specific needs and industry.
  • Developing a Medical Emergency Plan for your workplace
If I am not a member, what would I pay for an ambulance?

The full fee for ambulance services can be as high as K2,000.00 but because you have chosen to be a member, you’ll be assured there are no bills to pay up front.

There are sometimes an ambulance might be free, even if you’re not a member. We raise money to keep it that way.

The only exemptions to ambulance fees are if a person is a citizen and is transported to a public hospital with one of the four conditions below:

  • pregnant women suffering a serious medical problem
  • children under 5 years old suffering serious medical problem
  • traumatic injuries from violence or accidents
  • snakebite
But I already have International assistance medical SOS cover?

Many people fall into this trap. They think they’re fully assured of assistance by the international medical assistance company they pay thousands of US dollars each year.

This is a common trap many executives and large businesses fall – the sales pitch is great but these insurance policies only allow you access to their partner health facilities and in some cases may cover the cost of a medical repatriation flight. 

You need help immediately if you are badly injured in an incident, or collapse in cardiac arrest in your hotel room. The last thing you want to be is on hold to an assistance centre thousands of kilometres away and speaking to staff giving general advice.

This is where St John come in, and that is one of the many reasons our membership is so important.

In short, being covered by an international medical or SOS provider doesn’t get you the local help when you need it the most. You need the confidence St John will be able to come to your SOS.

How do I join?

Choose which plan type is best for your needs. Then, email ambulance.membership@stjohn.org.pg to find out more.

As new St John ambulance stations open across Papua New Guinea, your membership will be extended to these new locations at no extra fee.

Membership Options

Local Businesses in NCD

Benefits are for the member only.

Member Benefits Basic Gold
Membership Card Yes
Membership Keyring Yes Yes
“I’m Protected” car sticker Yes Yes
Ambulance Services
Life-Threatening Emergency
Public Hospital Free Free
Private Hospital Free
Non-Life-Threatening Medical Emergency
Sickness occurs at work K20 per call-out (normally ~K400) K20 per call-out (normally ~K400)
Sickness occurs when not at work e.g. headache, broken limb, vomiting, diarrhoea 20% discount1 on standard fees 20% discount1 on standard fees
First Aid Training
Ambulance & First Aid Awareness 5 Yes
Emergency First Aid Course (full-day course) 6 1 free for every 30 members
First Aid Kits
Workplace First Aid Compliance Assessment (Annual) Included Comprehensive
Medium First Aid Kit 20% discount 1 kit for every 50 members
Aeromedical Evacuation (Air Ambulance) 3 Available 20% discount on medical team fees 4
Cover for your customer, guest or short-term contractor that becomes ill at Subscriber’s workplace Included 20% discount billed to Subscriber

1Discount available on relevant category of transport. Ambulance transport fees are subject to change and are reviewed at least every six months. A full up-to-date list of fees is available at www.stjohn.org.pg. If the patient does not pay upfront, St John will invoice your organisation noting the patient’s name. You may pay the bill for the patient or deduct from his/her pay in accordance with your agreements with the employee.
2Free first aid courses are subject to schedule and class availability.
3Pricing subject to change – two weeks’ notice in writing will be given to employer if Aeromedical fees change4Discount applies to medical team fees. There is no discount on aircraft charter fees.
5Subject to availability, delivered online format.
6Only available to organisations that purchase 10 members or more. Subject to class availability and scheduling.

Annual Membership Fees

Number of Employees Basic Membership
(per member)
Gold Membership
(per member)
0 – 75 K40 K180
76 – 200 K35 K170
201 – 500 K32 K160
501 – 900 K30 K130
901+ K30 K95.00
Expatritate employee K360
Expatriate family
Partner and up to 3 dependants