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Pacific Islands Prehospital Care Conference

Pacific Island Prehospital Care Conference is being held in Port Moresby from 31 October until 04 November.

The conference is about advancing and enhancing prehospital care as a means to improving health in the Pacific. The speakers will share ideas on the provision and coordination of ambulance and medical transport services and first aid in business and communities.

Speakers from around Oceania including Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea

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Conference Schedule

Tuesday, 12th November 2019Welcome Cocktail function6pm – 9:30pmTBCAll Welcome
Wednesday, 13th November 2019Field Trip to Health Facilities9:30am – 4pmSJA HQ – 9:45am
PMGH – 10:30am
PPH – 11:30am
PIH – 12pm
Kwikila Health Centre – 2pm
boat return to Port Morseby
Thursday 14th November 2019Conference day 19:30am – 4:30pmAPEC Haus
Friday 15th November 2019Conference day 29:30am – 4pmAPEC Haus
Friday 15th November 2019Formal dinner6:45pm – 10pmAPEC HausPacific Formal
Saturday 16th November 2019St John Regional breakfast and closed meetings8:30am – 10amSmart casual



ItemLocal ambulance / nurse
Local doctorForeign health professional
Entire Package
Includes conference, dinner, field trip, polo and cap.
K300 (subsidised)K420PGK 600
Individual Items
Cocktail functionComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentary
Conference 2 days (includes lunch)K60 (subsidised)K70 per day
Conference dinnerK70 (subsidised)K85PGK 130
Field TripK30K30PGK 50
Conference polo shirtK120

Payment should be made in advance at St John Headquarters, 3 Mile or by bank transfer.

Contact conference@stjohn.org.pg to request an invoice.